The Human Animal – Dehumanization

Part of The USA Project: Hip Hop As A Weapon Of Mass Communication

©REEVOLUTION. Released July 4, 2010


Verse 1: Bigg Higg

Dehumanization, ecological catastrophe
Welcome to our world screen show, everything you have to see
Tie me to the mast stuff your ears up with wax
Working for us is good but everything else is bad
It’s use use use when it’s gone it’s time to buy
Diseases spread, we’re depressed, and the people wonder why
As they market new drugs for a brighter better life
If you swallow what they’re selling you then why ain’t things all right?
The recipe is bubbling that jitterbug perfume
Pain got lost in labyrinths of urban drudge and doom
Surveillance in the alleyways, cameras equipped with zoom
The thought police are watching, telescreen in every room
Crime-thinking into tombs, days are war, nights are love
Blood oranges make oj, politicians don’t fake love
Preparations made for hate week so defend your sons and daughters
The sun is not an issue like the profits for this quarter
Economy can’t handle caps the earth is growing hotter
Counting sheep won’t put the wolves to sleep, dreaming of a slaughter
Liberals spread like viruses can’t comprehend the symptoms
Capitol pimps and prostitutes such as our modern system
Rat race, rat race, of mice and men
Not quite one not quite the other
Our children won’t live long enough to throw dirt on their mothers
Muster the troops for battle, generals are heroes
Peace nicks ride in thought waves contemplating zen and zero
Masters of war masquerade with fireworks and flags
He couldn’t buy his soul back with the currency he has
Cash, green like the grass that’s turning black
I’d roll it up and smoke it but the jakes are on my back
Piggy back piggy back crack the piggy bank
The pigs pursue a profit with their guns grenades and tanks
While some clandestines turn these pirate journals into songs
Others are swept away to jail or jobs or base and bongs
And workers drink the water but its coming wit a price
Cuz children might be thirsty but so is the corporate rice
Right, no money for the megaphone means silence
The clock strikes twelve time for that ultraviolence


Writer: Bigg Higg
Producer: The Human Animal
Project: The USA Project: Hip Hop As A Weapon of Mass Communication
Album: Two Of Clubs: With Love And Rage
Released: July 4, 2010
Recorded: 2009
Length: 2:39

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