The Human Animal – Children Of War

Part of The USA Project: Hip Hop As A Weapon Of Mass Communication

©REEVOLUTION. Released September 11, 2008


Verse 1: The Human Animal

Everyday they watched her like a target
From the mosque to the shop to the market
Then back home before the curfew started
They used to play cards, sip rum, and get retarded
Tales of back home and all the good times had
How they’re missing that good head living in Baghdad
‘What we should do’ one said with a grin on his face
‘Is run up in that young girl’s place and just take it
Yeah I know it’s crazy but the plan is perfect
All we gotta say is the man was an insurgent
The daughter just happened to get caught in the way
And when we done all we gotta do is light the propane
And as the evidence burns away
Just lay low and take cover for the next few days
So what you say, son? you in? you got my back rookie?’
“Yeah I’m in it’s been a minute since I had pussy”

Verse 2: The Human Animal

He licked her face while he raped her
Pulled his dick out and made her taste it
Pulling her hair, putting her face in it
His veins rushed the moment before he bust
Like the oil in the desert that they came to pump
And so he fucked like a soldier with his dick and bush
Gave her everything he had for as long as it took
And while the others looked on with shock and awe
She heard a shot and watched her father’s face paint the floor
‘Yeah they all dead every desert wall is red
Now let me get up on that shit and straight fuck her head’
He unzipped and slipped off the mask
Blood dripping from the pussy when he ripped her ass
See the scissors in her lung made it hard to gasp
All she wanted to do was die but knew she couldn’t do that
But then he grabbed her as he came and clutched his AK
Put it to her head and blew her brains away
And as the blood sprayed he pulled the barrel out her mouth
Stuck it where the cum coming out and blew her stomach out
And out the house they ran, the four man brigade
Al-Qaeda killers now turned insane
And when the neighbors saw the flames
They rushed into the house
Saw a body on the floor and two more on the couch
But see the fire grew strong and time was running out
So he grabbed her by the ankles and pulled the corpse out
That was right about the time when the cops arrived
But even they weren’t prepared for this type of surprise
See for 8 months she was able to hide
But now the holes in her stomach showed her baby’s eyes
Burned alive the unborn child survived
Even when they pulled the trigger and his mom had died
Birthed in fire a desert eagle rise again
From the ashes of his mom so now the plot revenge


…the study of killing in combat is very much like the study of sex. Killing is a private, intimate occurrence of tremendous intensity, in which the destructive act becomes psychologically very much like the procreative act. – Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society”

Children of War uses a single event – the Mahmudiyah Killings – to illustrate the broader invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Mahmudiyah killings was the gang-rape and killing of 14-year-old Iraqi girl Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi by United States Army soldiers in March 2006, and the murder of her family. At the time, the story was ignored by mainstream news organizations in America (notice the British accent of the news reporter).

The individual characters are simply mirrors of the larger institutions involved. The young girl signifies the culture, or the “body,” of the occupied people. The soldiers symbolize the profiteers – the banks, engineering and construction companies, oil companies, computer system suppliers, military manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, etc – who reaped, and continue to reap, the massive financial benefits of war.

Given the nature of preventive war, it is essential that the target be virtually defenseless, very much like a victim of rape. The target must also be important enough to be worth the trouble. Iraq’s oil fields placed it in a position to finance enormous infrastructure and industrialization programs, and thus provided certain international and US companies with an enormous potential market. Thus, the soldiers are unable to resist the temptation of the woman’s “natural resources.”

Lyric Typography // The Human Animal - Children of War


Writer: The Human Animal
Producer: The Human Animal
Project: The USA Project: Hip Hop As A Weapon of Mass Communication
Album: United States of Auschwitz
Released: September 11, 2008
Recorded: 2008
Length: 5:10

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